Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

We endorse excellence in resource management and have committed to protecting the general welfare and work environment of all employees and contractors through active leadership and support of occupational health and safety programs.

Our management provides the support and resources necessary to ensure that effective health, safety and environment. (HSE) objectives are fully implemented for each project we participate in.

●   Required management, supervisor, and employee participation.
●   Clear responsibilities and lines of authority.
●   Enforcement of policies and procedures for employees and subcontractors.
●   Pre-project and pre-task hazard analysis and mitigation measures.
●   Environment Management System procedures to properly track and dispose of all project
    wastes and potentially hazardous chemicals in accordance with regulatory requirements.
●   Project-specific training for employees and subcontractors.
●   Equipment,tool,and personal protective equipment selection, inspection, and maintenance.
●   Internal audit functions to determine the effectiveness of the HSE program and Zero
    Incident focus.
●   Control and coordination with subcontractors and suppliers.