Due to the massive economic and industrial development in the Kingdom, Modern Factory for Steel Industries Co. Ltd. (MFSI) was established to enhance the quality of service provided to contractors in the construction sector. The factory started operation in year 2003 (1424) on an area of 86,400 mtrs2, at the Second Industrial City, Dammam.
The elements of the factory’s success were carefully put in place:
1.   Careful selection of well experienced work force.
2.   Approval of Saudi Iron and Steel “Hadeed” (SABIC) as our main supplier for raw material.
3.   The selection of state of the art machineries supplied by internationally well-known manufacturers.
4.   The selection of the best consulting offices to construct the most optimized internal systems.
By accomplishing these elements of success, we believe, we have established a quality enabled steel factory that is capable of providing a distinguished service to our clients


General Manager and Owner – Mr. Khalid AL-Dukhayyil.
Mr. Khalid has a long standing experience in this line of business as he was the General Manager of AL-Fozan Steel Factory for many years. Mr. Khalid had built two factories similar to MFSI and managed them for many years, giving him an excellent experience in the construction, start up, and development of MFSI.


Production had started end of March 2003.However,due to excellent performanceand growing
market,new expansion was planned and completed in 2004. Our emphasis on quality had also
enabled us to achieve the EN ISO 9001 certificate by September, 2005.

Company Profile

Modern Factory for Steel Industries (MFSI) was established in 2003 & it quickly become a leader in the building materials business, meeting the requirements of the construction companies and industrial sector in Saudi Arabia. The company has witnessed unhindered rapid growth by displaying the qualities of sincerity, honesty reliability and responsibility. Following the success story of MFSI, and in order to extend our Products to our valuable customers in the construction & industrial sectors, other sister companies were established forming together the Prime Source Group (PSG) more than 1,000 well trained staff, highly efficient supply chain, effective quality management system, in addition to adopting strict values and principles. Enabled the group to keep its promise of delivering quality service & innovative products to its extended base of customers.

Our Vision

To be a leading building material and services supplier in the globe.

Our Vision

Delivering the best quality-based products and services to the construction industry by using innovative systems, state of the art technology, enabling staff and customer satisfaction. Environment, safety, and benefit of all stakeholders is the foundation of our mission.

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering team is highly experienced, skillful and professional. Starting with design engineering and following through with final product manufacturing, the engineering team performs ongoing verification of the processes and stages to ensure full compliance with engineering specifications. Effective interaction between all manufacturing groups lends to the superior quality.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality Standards that you can count on. Our Qualify control inspection team ensures that every product leaving our plant meets or beats industry standards for accuracy, durability, and value. To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying customer requirements, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed to meet those requirements.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

We endorse excellence in resource management and have committed to protecting the general welfare and work environment of all employees and contractors through active leadership and support of occupational health and safety programs.
Our management provides the support and resources necessary to ensure that effective health, safety and environment. (HSE) objectives are fully implemented for each project we participate in.
●   Required management, supervisor, and employee participation.
●   Clear responsibilities and lines of authority.
●   Enforcement of policies and procedures for employees and subcontractors.
●   Pre-project and pre-task hazard analysis and mitigation measures.
●   Environment Management System procedures to properly track and dispose of all project     wastes and potentially hazardous chemicals in accordance with regulatory requirements.
●   Project-specific training for employees and subcontractors.
●   Equipment,tool,and personal protective equipment selection, inspection, and maintenance.
●   Internal audit functions to determine the effectiveness of the HSE program and Zero Incident focus.
●   Control and coordination with subcontractors and suppliers.
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